Achieving success together

We established MSV to be the kind of company we would want to work for: a system that rewards success, breaks down organisational barriers, nurtures talent, and appreciates the spirit of cooperation and creativity. For the benefit of our investors, MSV promotes an atmosphere of collaboration, accountability, and continual improvement. We are aware of the importance of culture in influencing performance.

Diverse maneuvers are powering performance that is discrete.

In all market conditions, MSV seeks to give unending absolute returns. Some of the core strategies we employ in our multi-strategy approach are Long/Short Equities, Equities Arbitrage, Growth Equity, and Event & Credit. In all of our strategies, we appreciate the lessons learned from global collaboration.

Persistence and flexibility as competitive advantages.

We navigate volatility, adapt to changing markets and generate returns in all environments.


Excellence in managing risks and keeping highest compliance standards.

A comprehensive strategy:

 Risk management, in our opinion, is a distinct benefit that directly increases alpha. Risk management infuses every facet of our operation, from smart portfolio construction to selective employment of elite employees and rigorous training. In order to achieve this, we create strong bonds with risk-takers and with all other teams around the business, and we make sure that there is constant communication.

Innovative Risk Management

We embrace new ideas, allocated the strategy and capital to achieve our desired returns and scale trades accordingly.