MSV Capital - Maximize Shareholder Value

Our goal at MSV Capital is to maximize profits for our investors by investing in and trading various stock and financial instruments.

Who we are

Marat Kasparov is partnering with a Dubai based asset manager to provide a high frequency trading, long/short strategy to provide alpha returns to professional investors who meet the suitability requirements.

Amicorp Capital, a DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) based entity that is regulated by the DFSA (Dubai Financial Services Authority) will be the Investment Manager and Marat Kasparov will be the Portfolio Manager who will be responsible for both the trading strategy, as well as the execution of positions.

The strategy will be securitised in the form of an AMC (Actively Managed Certificate) meaning that clients will be able to subscribe to the NAV using the note´s Swiss based ISIN through their trading account. The AMC is being created and managed by a Luxembourg based entity that will securitise the underlying assets, enabling the purchase and sale of this trading instrument by the end client. It will be responsible for all activities, including overseeing client subscription and redemptions on a delivery vs payment basis.

The AMC will have a daily NAV. Subscriptions will be daily and redemptions will be monthly.

The underlying assets will be blue chips stocks from the US and Europe (mainly US). It will also trade commodities, FX and futures.

The objective of the note is to consistently outperform the benchmark (S&P 500) no matter the macroeconomic conditions. It will use smart beta trading techniques and ensure that drawdown is capped in order to keep the standard deviation of returns within the defined parameters of the strategy.

We validate and put into practice time-tested and universal investment principles utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Our methodology is distinct and motivated by a dynamic need to comprehend the leading markets and economies around the world. The main emphasis is on the gains of the investor and his openness.

What we Do

Core Strategies

The company uses a complex approach towards trading that includes a wide range of methods, including but not limited to:
trading in global commodities, indices and US listed and EU listed equity strategies.
The above are all based on our understanding of the market and its potential movements.


The firm takes equity-oriented positions in several of its strategies, and takes on such positions in a variety of forms. It is less common for the firm to take on overnight positions which are just driven by valuation considerations. We seek out positions in particular which are uncorrelated with other positions in the portfolio or with the risks and expected price movements of equities generally, or where value and protection against risk can be enhanced by the firm’s manual efforts. Positions with a high asymmetry of reward to risk create a high degree of optionality. Our main focus is on US listed equities and some European stocks.

Trading in Commodities

Our commodities trading approach intends to take advantage of miss-pricings in particular commodities’ indices and to take positions based on our evaluations of price levels and trends. We actively trade in Global indices.